The Last Six Weeks of Jett's Life

In November, Jett was bruising easily when he was training so his Mother asked him to go get tested because she was concerned about his bruising and thought something was wrong with his blood.  Jett went to get tested and found out that the cancer had come back, but this time it was spread throughout 58% of his bone marrow.  The first time Jett had the leukemia (cancer), it was not in his bone marrow so this was tragic news.  Jett went through two consecutive bull-dozer chemo treatments that would have killed the average person.  The chemo treatments were 1 week each with only a week off in between.  Jett's Mother told me that Jett was extremely proud to say to his Mother that he beat cancer a second time, which is exactly what he did.  The two chemo sessions wiped out the cancer but left him with zero immune system defenses, and then he fell victim to a rare fungal infection in his sinuses that spread though his head and put pressure on his skull to the point where his nerves were being pinched.  The fungus is similar to a black tar and extremely difficult to eradicate through antibiotics alone, but also needs to be physically scraped in addition to the drugs.  Given the fact that Jett had almost zero white blood cells from the chemo, there was a very slim chance he would pull through.  His Doctor said that the fungal infection was so rare that he had only seen it 6 times in his career. His Doctor further went on to comment that even a healthy person would have a slim to none chance of surviving this type of infection. His pain was so intense that he couldn't even read and respond to a text message during the last few weeks of his life and was sedated in ICU and connected to a respirator for the past few days of his life.  Jett was so positive and brave that he didn't want his friends to know but his mother felt it was time to inform everyone, at which point I immediately put up this website.  His Mother had his cell phone but Jett was not even cognizant enough to give her the password, so she had no way of informing people.  His MRI on Tuesday January 6th revealed that the infection had spread to his brain and that it also caused him to have a stroke. Jett was removed from life support around 1:45PM EST on Wednesday January 7th and died 10 minutes later at 1:57PM EST. The decision to pull him off life support, while not an easy choice, was the only choice given the extreme pain he was in and also the fact that he has no chance of survival at that point. We will always love Jett, there is no replacement for him. Funeral services are not known yet but will be in Pittsburgh. I will update this site when I get more info.




We love you Jett